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What’s your vector Victor?

Posted from Tucson, Arizona. The airplane from the airplane movie set.

Sewing Club

Posted from Tucson, Arizona. Heather and Anna joined the RV park sewing club.

3 Girls and their dates

Posted from Frisco, Texas. A quick stop by Frisco for New Year’s Eve

Blowout #2

Posted from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our second blowout…and the AAA guy having to remove all our stuff to get to the spare.

It’s a bird it’s a…

Posted from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. The Wright Brother’s museum and reenacting the first flight.

Time with the Durphy’s

Posted from Marshfield, Massachusetts. Hanging with the Durphy’s – hiking, hanging, and learning to sew (my new seatbelt pen holder).

Tubing in Autumn

Posted from Lancaster, Massachusetts. How we go “leaf peeping”.


Posted from Bar Harbor, Maine. What the view was supposed to look like vs what it really looked like.

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