About Us

2013-Hall-Family-in-front-of-oak-street-house-6450I’m taking my family of 6 on a year long motor home trip across the USA.  It’s an idea Heather and I have been playing with for about a decade…Ok mostly me but Heather has listened to my ramblings about it.  We finally hit the sweet spot where 1) The youngest (age almost 6) is old enough to remember the adventure, 2) the oldest still thinks I’m cool and 3) I’ve figured out how to make some of my entrepreneur ventures manageable from the road.  Heather will home school (or road-school as the “locals” call it) and I’m thankful for my personal hot spot that allows me to run a few businesses from anywhere my cell phone works.  My hope is that in the walls of our 224 square foot home and in seeing the world around us, we are going to learn what it looks like to  grow together as a family, to love all kinds of people, and to follow Jesus.  Looking forward to good times ahead. – Mike